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Hard Friction has seven sections, XXXHardcore, Screen Tests, Erotic, Live Men, Filmography, Hard Men, XXX Cinema and Special Features and is shot with new, fresh faces found by Bruno and Steve around the USA as well as Europe and Australia. Of course Bruno and Steve appear in most of the videos. There is also a Filmography section that contains a bunch of scenes from the Raging Stallion archives that they have both appeared in. The site is updated weekly with either a new, original, fully exclusive video scene or live cam show.
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Last 10 Hard Friction Updates:

Spencer Reed
Tattooed stud Spencer chats with Bruno about his gym schedule before stipping off to show its results on his amazing chest. He has a real manly and modest attitude that makes him incredibly appealing even before he starts playing with his tool and that thing is HUGE! The head alone would be enough to do some serious damage, and he has to use both hands to really have an effect on it. He puts in a terrific performance jerking off and posing with his big biceps, you’ll not want to miss a second. CLICK HERE
Luke Riley and Bruno Bond
Luke Riley and Bruno Bond are kissing. Bruno pushes Luke down on the bed, kisses him in the mouth then moves down his body to his big, hard cock. Bruno works over Lukes dick until he is ready to get his own sucked and kneels by Lukes head to stick his raging hardon in the boys hot mouth. As he is getting serviced, Bruno starts to play with Lukes warm hole. Before he goes there, Bruno gets his own hairy hole worked over by Lukes hungry mouth. With his head down and his ass in the air, Luke gets his hole warmed up by Bruno before he plunges in his throbbing cock. Bruno pounds him doggie style then flips him over and jackhammers the boy until he floods his stomach with his big load. Bruno stands up on the bed and showers Luke with his own load. Satisfied, Bruno collapses and kisses his boy. CLICK HERE
Bruno Bond, Steve Cruz & Draven Torres
Draven Torres is interviewed by Steve Cruz. He talks about music, sports and what turns him on. Steve convinces him to take off his clothes and asks him if he would like a fluffer. Bruno Bond is happy to help out the sexy, inked boy. They kiss and Bruno sucks on his rock hard cock. We next see Draven stretched across the bed and Steve taking a turn on his dick. They kiss. Steve puts his fingers in the boys mouth then he starts working his hole. He turns Draven over and plays with his ass, rimming and fingering his hungry hole. Bruno moves in for a taste of the hot boy ass as Draven moans in ecstasy. Next, Steve wants to see how the nubie is at sucking his big cock. Draven gulps it down working Steve up until he is ready to plow some ass. Steve slams Draven from behind until he squirts his big load all over the boys ass and then licks it clean. Bruno is ready for his turn. He lies back as Draven sits down on his throbbing cock riding it while Bruno pumps him full. Bruno turns Draven over on his side and fucks him deep holding one leg over his shoulder until he shoots his load all over the boys cock and balls. Draven lies back and works out his own load and lies back exhausted from his first fuck on camera. CLICK HERE
Vic Kovac
Smooth, young Vic Kovac is a hot, ripped stud from the Ukraine. Steve Cruz interviews him about living in the US and the type of guys he likes. It doesnt take much coaxing to get this hot boy out of his clothes. Vic rubs his hands up and down his ripped abs as his big, uncut cock grows larger. Stroking his big dick, he lies back on the sofa and puts a leg up so he can play with his hole. He turns around to show off his muscled ass and hot hole. He rolls back over and caresses his hot body while he continues to pump his giant cock. Sticking his fingers in his hungry hole gets him so worked up that he blasts a huge load into the air. CLICK HERE
Derreck Diamond
Derrek Diamond is bored. He is pacing the room wearing only his jockstrap, listening to rock music in his headphones, restless. He kneels down on the bare mattress, sticks his ass in the air and starts playing with his hole. He turns around and rubs his cock through the jock as it grows harder. He frees his giant dick from the fabric of the jock and starts to stroke it up and down. Derrek lies back and pulls off the jock so he can smell it. Huffing the sweaty jock starts to really turn him on. He is back on his knees stroking his monster cock and deeply inhaling the funk from his jock until he sprays his giant load all over the room. CLICK HERE
Dominic Pacifico & Bruno Bond
Dominic Pacifico is riding his motorcycle through the city streets at night. The powerful engine is revving between his thighs, vibrating his ass and big balls. His mind starts to wander. He imagines himself straddled naked over his bike. He strokes his big dick and rubs his hot hole. The city lights flash across his helmet as rides through the streets. Dominics fantasy continues as he thinks of stretching his hole out with a shiny black dildo. He works his ass with the big, fake cock, riding it up and down on the motorcycle seat. Weaving in and out of the city traffic, his fantasy progresses. The dildo is not enough. A man appears from the shadows dressed in black pants, black gloves and a black hood that conceals his identity. It is Bruno Bond. As Dominic holds the handles of the motorcycle, Bruno rims his ass and sucks his cock and giant balls pulling them between his spread cheeks. Bruno pulls out his throbbing cock and plows it into Dominics ass pounding him from behind. Dominic then flips over and lies spread-eagled on his back on the motorcycle. Bruno holds his legs in the air and continues pounding his ass. Bruno shoots his load all over Dominics big cock and balls and disappears. Dominic works out his own intense load then remembers that he is having a fantasy as he revs his motorcycle back to life and speeds off into the night. CLICK HERE
Rocco Banks
Rocco Banks is interviewed by Steve Cruz. Rocco talks about visiting the US from England and what turns him on. He admits to Steve that he has a video of his boyfriend having sex with another guy on his phone. Of course, Steve wants to see. Rocco gets turned on by the video and pulls his big, uncut cock out of his jeans and starts jerking it. He stands up, takes off his jeans and pumps his dick while watching the video. He sits down and starts pumping his cock with both hands. Tugging at his nipples and rubbing his hand up and down his chest, he works himself up to a big load, shooting all over his hairy stomach. CLICK HERE
Hal Griffin
Steve Cruz interviews his friend Hal Griffin about growing up in London and the types of guys that he likes before convincing him to strip off his jeans and show off his giant uncut cock and low hanging balls. The golden afternoon sun highlights every bulging muscle as Hal works out his massive load that he had been saving up for Steve. CLICK HERE
Alex Oliver
Brazilian beauty Alex starts his solo session in the bath, rinsing down his smooth muscles as he talks to Steve, who wishes he was in there too. He gives us an insight into his history and then jumps out where he dries off and gets down to the hot tool-jerking. After a great performance he blows his load all over that smooth stomach. CLICK HERE

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Want to watch free gay sex shows daily? Check out our live sex schedule and chat free with our eager male models as they perform live gay sex on high definition webcams.
Want to watch free gay sex shows daily?
Check out our live sex schedule and chat free with our eager male models as they perform live gay sex on high definition webcams.
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