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Cody Cummings

Hi, this is Cody Cummings and I want to take this time to tell you a bit about him. First, I have to say that he’s not much into talking about himself, but since he’s sure you’d like to know a bit about him, he’ll make an exception for this…
It is so exciting for him to have such a job in porn. He always has the time of his life at work. He means, what could you dislike about sex, laughs and good times? It’s also a lot of work as well.
On his off time, he dances a day or two a week. When he has free time to be at home he enjoys the family, lifts weights, eats and sleeps. But even during his relaxation time, it’s then that he has to work on his body the most.
He love to train, and he trains good. His boxing is pretty damn decent and wrestling is where his combat skills root from. He also has got some good kicks, but he doesn’t fight, he’s a model, come on, you can’t hit him!
One of his pet peeves is that he doesn’t let anyone cut his hair. He does it, and that’s it. He’s also so particular about customer service.
Some of his favorite things he enjoy are nice butts, spitting on a pink butthole (I know, kinky!), dime-pieces (hot women), shoes, ps2, Reese’s Butter Cups, rough sex, tanning, and football.
He also loves food and if he had a chef he would have chicken and eggs for every meal 🙂
But now go below and check out what Cody Cummings has to offer in gay solo and duo hardcore action for you on free flash videos!
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Dylan Hauser excels in the oral & manual exercises!
Cody Cummings is looking for new talent for the website. Dylan Hauser is his next interview, and though he’s still a rookie, Cody thinks Dylan might have what it takes. A “working interview,’ Cody puts Dylan to the test, to see if he has what it takes to deliver the goods. And Dylan does not disappoint. With a full range of skills on display, Dylan excels in both the oral and manual exercises, passing the test with flying colors, and shooting sperm.

Cody Cummings – behind the scenes!
Cody Cummings offers you an inside look behind the scenes that keep you cumming back. In this installment, Cody invites you to take a look at a typical photo shoot, which becomes anything but typical when the clothes start coming off. Watch as Cody seductively poses, flexes and strips down to some rather unique underwear. Then watch as the flash bulbs stop popping and Cody gets down to business, stripping all the way naked, leaning back and pleasuring himself for your enjoyment, culminating in a sweaty, messy ending.

The Dungeon Prisoner
When Cody Cummings is captured by two goggle-eyed maniacs, Patrick Rouge and Donny Wright, he finds himself shackled in a remote dungeon, miles below the earth’s surface. No one can hear him cry out for help as these lunatics have their way with him.As Cody was leading an excavation for relics from an ancient lost city, he stumbled onto the underground hideout belonging to these strange dungeon dwellers. They managed to take him hostage and chain him upright, rendering him defenseless to their aggressive, erotic advances. They pull his hulking cock out and take turns slurping it like madmen. As twisted Patrick Rouge is sucking demented Donny Wright’s giant boner, Cody manages to free one of his legs. He uses his foot to shove Patrick’s face into Donny’s swollen cock. Then Donny gives Patrick a hard whipping as he pounds his ass and Cody fucks Patrick’s eager mouth. If he makes it out alive, Cody won’t soon forget his strange but passionate encounter with these bizarre dungeon keepers.

Sun Soaking And Cock Stroking
He’s as mysterious as an inexplicable mist on a summer morning. Silent and curious as a deer, so is he. Brandon Lewis appears among foliage as the powerful and oiled Cody Cummings strokes his large, swollen cock. Brandon first watches from afar. Then, slowly, as he jerks his own rock-hard flesh pole, he creeps closer to the stallion who lays poolside. Finally the two meet. A request and an invitation are exchanged. Brandon and Cody have come together this time not to shoot the breeze, not to chew the fat or dangle the lines. Today they tug their cocks together in the sun. Tomorrow is a dream, yesterday a memory…today is a jerk session.

Float Like A Butterfly Stroke Like A Beast
In this corner, it’s the rock hard, finely chiseled, NextDoor Stallion himself…with his cock weighing in way off the scale, he’s hot, he’s horny, he knows how to work up a sticky, gym-session sweat…he’s a lean, mean stroking machine…you asked for the best, so we got the best…CODY CUUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGGSSSSSS!!!!! That’s right, Cody Cummings is back to go 12 rounds with his own massive dick! Watch him warm up with expert technique on the speed bag, then get the blood flowing with a little jump rope. And of course you know how Cody ends his workout sessions… by blowing a fat load into his sparring gloves!

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