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Eating fresh cum delivered from own massive uncut cock

YouLoveJack Gabriel Clark - The Right Stuff!
French-Canadian muscle twink Gabriel Clark is into cum! Watch him jerking off his cock until he’s splattering his delicious load all over his perfect six pack […]

September 3, 2010   2 Comments

19 year old hockey player Drew Parker fucks Fleshlight

19 years old Drew Parker fucks Fleshjack on free video & photo gallery here!
Drew slips his rock hard 7 inch cock inside his mouth shaped Fleshlight/FleshJack and the look on his face is priceless – half surprise and half horny desire! He can’t believe how good it feels so he starts pumping that thing like he just paid for dinner! He pops his cock out and shoots his load all over his smooth belly then he licks his finger clean and swallows his own cum for the first time! He let’s the flavor linger on his tongue while he continues to stroke the last bits of pleasure out of his still rock hard dick. Way to go, straight guy! Viva la FleshLight!

April 2, 2010   Comments Off on 19 year old hockey player Drew Parker fucks Fleshlight

Jessie gulps down his jizz

Hot little twink Jessie Clinton is hung like a horse and he's limber enough to bend right over and take a lick or two and is slurping his own cum finally on free video & photo gallery here
Jessie Clinton’s hand is a quick blur on his monstrous uncut cock as he leans forward and gives one last lick to the head of that giant as the cum starts flying. The first shot glances off his chin and lands with a splat on his chest. The second massive shot of cum squirts directly into his open mouth as he greedily gulps it down… then opens wide for more! Damn, what a scruffy little twink!

April 19, 2009   Comments Off on Jessie gulps down his jizz

Oscar Mann unloads his massive uncut cock

Muscle twink Oscar Mann finished jerking off and is slurping his own cum finally on free video & photo gallery
Oscar’s body convulses once, and then again as the first glob of cum shoots out of his cock and drips down the side of his rock hard veiny shaft. He takes a quick breath and the second huge stream of jizz shoots straight up out of his fat cock and lands on the back of his hand. His head falls back with pleasure as shots 3 and 4 glob out of his cock and drip down his shaft. He reaches up quickly with his other hand to catch all the cum as it’s gushing out of his cock. This leaves his hands a glistening sticky mess of cum and without thinking he brings his cum coated fingers to his lips and licks every drop of the jizz clean off. My lovely, dirty cum eater […]

October 20, 2008   Comments Off on Oscar Mann unloads his massive uncut cock

Nicky works out his monster cock

Young amateur porn boy Nicky Blacklode just shooting his second sperm load on his shirt!
YouLoveJack is back with Nicky Blacklock for a second video and he’s never looked hotter! His shaggy alternative hair style is gone and Nicky’s all clean-cut and cute as a button… Still he’s got that deviant sexual appetite and monster thick dick. It’s his first time he fucks himself with a pink dildo in front of a camera. And nicky loves every minute of it! Cute looks, big & thick deep and a deep hole – I love him […]

May 5, 2008   Comments Off on Nicky works out his monster cock

Tommy shoots 6 streams of jizz

Cute, slim boy Johnny Finch with sperm covered face!
Tommy casually strokes his big cock while sitting on the bed. The cam is up nice and close as his balls bounch in their loose sack with as his fist strokes his monster shaft. He leans back, groans and moans and gets more and more comfortable while he strokes that fat dick and checks himself out in the LCD monitor. He moves the cam back a bit and gives you a full view of him laying on the bed jacking off like a professional. Finally his cum starts shooting out of him in buckets. His first shot describes a straight line from his cock head to his neck. He adjusts the angle of his dick just a little bit and the second cumshot hits him squarely on the chin. Four more streams of jizz shoot out of his powertool and glaze his gorgeous body and then Tommy’s done […]

May 1, 2008   Comments Off on Tommy shoots 6 streams of jizz

Self-suck and Cum-eating

Great close-up shot of young boy Jessie sucking off himself!
Jessie can suck himself off and Marcus is into sperm and spit. Marcus pauses to gently sucks and licks the head and shaft of Jessie’s cock before slipping that monster into his throat… their hornyness explodes off the screen as they take turns swallowing each other’s massive cocks all the way down […]

April 2, 2008   Comments Off on Self-suck and Cum-eating

Pre-cum star Marcus Jones

Beautiful big rock hard young dick - Marcus Jones got it all you'll ever need!
Today Marcus Jones from pushes his skinny-legged jeans down for you. At first he pulls up his shirt to play with his pierced boy nipples for a bit. He slowly caresses his super sensitive nubs as his dick strains against his tight belly. With his shirt pulled up you can finally see what an amazing sinewy muscled body this boy has. He looks like a dancer – beautiful six pack and horse hung! Did you get a look at his cock 8+ inches of uncut meat, that is dripping precum as soon as his pants are off. Once he finished jerking off, Marcus takes a second to catch his breath then sits up to show off the mess he created. Better look quick though, because before Marcus is swallowing it all […]

March 17, 2008   Comments Off on Pre-cum star Marcus Jones

Sperm shower of Tigger

Young boi Tigger's bed lubricated with sperm!
Young boy Tigger works on his fat uncut dick with a great masturbation technique for shooting big fountains of cum. He is shooting his cum all over the bed and the floor […]

March 3, 2008   Comments Off on Sperm shower of Tigger

Amateur boy with one of the biggest cock heads jerks off

Horny boy Derek Jackman reaches inside his underwear and pulls his monster dick out!
Derek Jackman‘s jacking off session is an update my friend from has sent: Derek’s cock head is almost as big as his fist as he strokes the powerful shaft, watching his own monster dick the whole time. After some more strokes Derek pulls out his low hanging balls. And damn, his nuts are as huge as his dick and they hang so low they almost rest on the bed! His cock is steel hard when Derek slowly slips his middle finger into his butthole. With a gentle sigh he starts fingerfucking his male pussy while his other fist strokes the shaft of his uncut monstrous cock […]

February 24, 2008   Comments Off on Amateur boy with one of the biggest cock heads jerks off

Pascal Johnson’s butt and dick play

Pascal with hard erection of his uncut dick when a butt plug is fitting hi ass hole!
Pascal is a French guy and all French guys are dirty?! That’s the way I like it! No more discussions of the value of inductive reasoning, this is one hot little boy! From Pascal’s liberated views on sex, to his progressive stance on ass and dick play, to his smoldering good looks… This guy has all at once. And how! Watch Pascal tortures his young asshole with butt-plugs and dildos and jerks off a nice load of cum finally […]

February 16, 2008   Comments Off on Pascal Johnson’s butt and dick play

Chase Martin’s Fexibility

Chase has been dancing for as long as he can remember so he’s got steel-hard abs. Add this to his nice pierced right nipple and his killer smile and you’ve got a boyfriend you dreamed about. He hops up on his knees and starts working his real big cock. Chase’s body is freaking amazing and […]

January 31, 2008   Comments Off on Chase Martin’s Fexibility