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Category — Jake Cruise

Worshiping John Magnums bulging muscles and thick cock

Ash Warner blowing off John Magnum on free preview video & hardcore images here!
Ash Warner didn’t waste any time getting down and worshiping John Magnum’s bulging muscles, his bubble butt, his legs and feet. Ash is a willing servant, servicing every inch of John’s amazing body. John face fucks Ash who takes it with a smile, begging John to blow the load right in his mouth […]

August 10, 2010   Comments Off on Worshiping John Magnums bulging muscles and thick cock

Joe Thunder’s cock grows thick and beefy

Bodybuilder and male stripper Joe Thunder works that thick and hard cock of his, resulting in an abs covering climax of spunky load. Joe Thunder jerks off on free preview video & hardcore images here!
When musclehunk Joe Thunder (aka Apollo Phoenix) is not working out, he’s a gorgeous male stripper. In this video scene, Joe gives us a taste of both – first pumping some iron, then stripping off those hot & sweaty workout clothes. Once the workout is over, the j.o. – his great masturbation – performance begins, and it only needs a short time for Joe’s fat cock to grow as thick and beefy as the rest of his beautiful ripped body. He works that tool hard, resulting in an abs cum covering climax.
If you like your men muscular, you’ll love Joe Thunder. This East Coast bodybuilder can flex with the best of them, but it’s when he moves into action that he really shines. The view when he strokes his rock hard cock is truly spectacular! This hot, passionate masturbation scene is one workout Joe won’t soon forget. Neither will you.

October 4, 2009   Comments Off on Joe Thunder’s cock grows thick and beefy

Massive raw butthole invasion

Jonny Magnum moves inside Enrique Currero bareback, who bravely stands up to the massive butthole invasion. - on free video & image previews here!
Bottom hunk Enrique Currero has the gift of gab and Jonny Magnum has the gift of schlong, KONG DONG, as Enrique calls it. When Enrique is not sucking on Jonny’s monster cock, he’s giving a running commentary of the action… Jonny moves inside Enrique, who bravely stands up to the massive asshole invasion. After a ferocious butt pounding, they take a break for some passionate kissing. But, studs being studs, it’s back to more fucking and thrusting. Enrique cums furiously with Jonny still going at it inside him, but Jonny follows with his own cum shower explosion just moments later. And of course, Enrique has the last word.

May 7, 2009   Comments Off on Massive raw butthole invasion

Rusty cums right in Pats mouth

Rusty sticks his big hard cock up Pat’s ass, and Pat continues to express his pleasure as Rusty keeps thrusting away - on free video & image previews here!
Musclehunk Pat Bateman nearly hyperventilates when Rusty Stevens sticks his nice cureved hard cock up Pat’s asshole. And Pat continues to groan and moan as Rusty keeps thrusting away. You’ve never heard such squealing!
Interestingly, Pat never loses his stiff cock during this fuck session and manages to go for a ride on Rusty’s throbbing tool without too many problems. Finally Pat shoots first, covering Rusty’s thighs in thick jizz. Rusty has the last laugh, as he cums right in Pat’s hungry mouth. People will be talking about this scene for a long time – think of it as the first hard-core porn sit-com.

April 22, 2009   Comments Off on Rusty cums right in Pats mouth

Duke Lewis with self-suck

Duke Lewis sucking his fat cock upside down - on free video & image previews here!
You may watch Duke Lewis because he’s tall and handsome. You may watch him because of his lean-athletic body. But you’ll KEEP watching him because Duke can suck his own thick dick standing up, sitting, or even upside down! Watch this multi-talented athletic hunk strip, stroke and suck his own monster cock in this super-hot solo scene.

February 7, 2009   Comments Off on Duke Lewis with self-suck

Park Wiley on top of Jason Denvers fat cock

Jason Denver gets a great blowjob for his extremely fat cock by Park Wiley - Free photos & video preview here!
Jason Denver is tall and lean, Park Wiley is shorter and stockier, but that is where the dissimilarities end. These two hunk are both as horny as hell and love to have sex. The action is virtually non-stop as if they anticipate each other’s every move. After plenty of hot lick and suck foreplay, Jason gives Park a memorable ass hole fucking. Then Park goes for a thrill ride on top of Jason’s extremely thick cock that results in Park shooting a big, creamy load. But sure, that’s not enough for Park as Jason goes back inside him for more pounding. Finally, an exhausted Jason showers Park’s stomach completely with hot cum. Despite the size difference, it looks like these two buddies are a perfect fit.

December 30, 2008   Comments Off on Park Wiley on top of Jason Denvers fat cock

Hung big Leo Giamani bottoms for bareback

David Taylor sucks the monster cock of Leo Giamani on free video and photos.
Here are two of today’s hottest young studs, together for the first time – and bareback style – So Cal surfer David Taylor and ex-East Coast cop Leo Giamani. They’re pretty evenly matched in the muscle department, though Leo has the edge in cock size. (Can you say monstrous?) But after extensive foreplay and cock sucking, it’s Leo that gets fucked. You can tell this hasn’t happened often to Leo, who apparently is a nice tight fit for David. But David shows little mercy, pounding away with abandon. Once Leo reaches his limit, they move to side-by-side j.o., which ends with a pair of nice cum shots and what looks like a new friendship.

October 12, 2008   Comments Off on Hung big Leo Giamani bottoms for bareback

Zack Cook and Jake bareback workout

Hard bodied muscle top stud Zack Cook gets sucked his nipples and stroked his big cock by Jake on free video.
Zack Cook gives, he receives, and in the progress gives us some great rear views 🙂 Then he fucks JakeCruise bareback and they both get quite a workout. Zack Cook obligingly cums in Jake’s mouth, then helps him get off…

August 31, 2008   Comments Off on Zack Cook and Jake bareback workout

Dexter and Jake bareback adventure

Free bareback video of Dexter barebacking Jake Cruise like a wild devil.
Dexter’s ready for some hard core gay bareback sex. After some extended foreplay, including some great cuddling & kissing, they get thoroughly reacquainted. Then Dexter goes after Jake from behind, using all that muscle to pump hard, deepand long. From any position, Dexter proves he’s one great muscle fucker. And he delivers quite a gusher to prove it.

August 9, 2008   Comments Off on Dexter and Jake bareback adventure

Jake loves getting it bareback again

Hot young stud pounds older guy's sloppy asshole without condom - Jeremy Bilding fuck Jake Cruise bareback.
Young stud Jeremy Bilding is an amazing kisser and they take their time and start out slow and sensual, kissing and sucking each other. Soon Jeremy’s passion takes hold and he begins pounding Jake hard. After several minutes he thought he wasn’t going to be able to take it anymore. But seeing Jeremy’s horny face and chiseled body kept Jake going. He loved the feel of his big hard bare cock deep inside of his ass hole. Jeremy fucked him so fast and furiously that soon they were drenched in sweat. You’ll love the wet finale where Jeremy blows a huge load all over Jake’s side as they lay on the soaked sheets, gasping for breath…

June 2, 2008   Comments Off on Jake loves getting it bareback again

Czech muscles and uncut dicks

Bottom boy Ladislav on his back, with legs spreaded wide apart, gets nailed his hungry male cunt by horse-hung young fuck buddy Marek!
Cute, sexy Marek and steamy hot Ladislav get together for an afternoon with lots of sexual passion: extended foreplay, with all the touching, kissing, fingering, moaning and stroking that goes on. The heat gets turned up when they engage in heavy cocksucking. Marek then takes charge, giving Ladislav quite the deep fucking he needs. As they both cum finally onto Ladislav’s groin, the action ends where it began – with kissing each other. Realy hot and romantic at the same time!

May 2, 2008   Comments Off on Czech muscles and uncut dicks

Daddy gets barebacked by a mystery man

For getting fucked by his mystery muscle guy, Jake rimms his ass.
Jake’s mystery date may be shy about showing his face, but he sure is NOT shy about showing off the rest of his hot muscled body. This ticklish, but as-horny-as-hell guy fucks Jake in bareback style from behind nice and slow, just the way he likes it. Then Jake mounts his erected bare tool and rides him like a cowboy. Even after he comes with big load, he stays still hard for a second round of bareback fuck action…

April 9, 2008   Comments Off on Daddy gets barebacked by a mystery man

Muscle top nails daddy-type stud bareback

Mature, fat daddy type gets fucked his ass in bareback style by young latin muscle man Tony Capucci!
After stripping down Tony’s clothes and kissing him, Jake stroked and sucked his nice dick to it’s full erection. Then Tony drilled his hard, power tool inside him without using a condom, pumped away while he was looming over him like a classic statue…

March 21, 2008   Comments Off on Muscle top nails daddy-type stud bareback

Zack fucks Jake Tyler in bareback style

Jake Cruise has sent a great update: At this time, Zack and Jake Tyler indulge in the art of sensual massage. First it’s Zack’s big turn, as Jake rubs and strokes every inch of his beefy muscled body. Jake doesn’t stop there, as he uses his lips, tongue and hands to poke and prod Zack’s […]

March 9, 2008   Comments Off on Zack fucks Jake Tyler in bareback style

Mid-West Wrestler Franky Fucks Jake Bareback

Some scenes have to be watched to be believed, especially when they involve a corn fed wrestler like Franky. He comes from the heart of the mid west with enough passion to heat up the coldest winters back home. After ripping off his shorts Jake indulges his tastes for hard dick, nice feet, warm kisses […]

February 11, 2008   Comments Off on Mid-West Wrestler Franky Fucks Jake Bareback