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Category — Buzz West

Connor Banks and his IceJack

Hot twink Connor Banks is trying his first FleshLight - free photos & video!
Twink boy Connor Banks has such a sexy deep voice, and a beautiful big cock. Buzz met Connor at one of the local hot spots, and he was so excited to show off. Connor is all about swimming and surfing, and he’s totally into guys. When he discovered the FleshJack beside the bed, he really wanted to take it for a test run. He lubed up the tight little ass, and pressed his raging hard cock against the hole until it slipped in. After a few hard strokes, Connor stopped suddenly and said, “if I had one of these Ice-Jacks I wouldn’t need a boyfriend!” He really gets into fucking the FleshJack and watching his fat cock plunge in and out of the tight little hole. He pulls out and shoots a nice creamy load on his tan abs.

September 8, 2008   Comments Off on Connor Banks and his IceJack

Kevin and his first FleshLight adventure

Kevin is watching his rock-hard dick while using the FleshLight!
Kevin is an 18 year old Navy boy that Buzz West met through another friend of him. He was really nervous to start with, but he really wanted to get off his clothes. Kevin told Buzz that he’s never been stiff in front of another guy, but after he got naked and he lubed up, he was totally rock hard. He grabbed the Ice-Jack from beside the bed, and really wanted to give it a try too. He started slowly fucking the FleshJack, which was very hot, but then he pulled out and said, I’m gonna cum! Kevin shoots a load of jizz right off the side of the bed, and just missed the camera! This is probably one of the hottest cum shots Buzz West has ever captured!

May 8, 2008   Comments Off on Kevin and his first FleshLight adventure

Italian sex drive and a major cum shooter

Tristan gets nailed his cock-hungry ass hole with legs up in the air!
Porn star Tristan Mathews and Cade really hit it off. Both of them have a raging sex drive. Their sexual energy is amazing, and when Cade explodes, he unloads across Tristan’s chest on the first squirt and the second fountain goes right over his shoulder… Cade is a major cum shooter for sure!

March 29, 2008   1 Comment

Tristan Mathews and his cumshot at BuzzWest

Gay porn star Tristan Mathews' big dick for cam shot close-up!
Tristan Mathews – porn star from Falcon, Studio 2000 and Dirty Bird – goes naked for BuzzWest and shoots a great load of jizz at the end of his deep sensual massage.

March 22, 2008   1 Comment

Rod and his first Ice Jack

Rod watching his big dick while he is stroking with his Ice Jack!
Rod told that he didn’t jerk off for 3 days, and he hasn’t been laid in for a while and it sure did show in his cum shot! Buzz’ friends over at FleshJack sent him one of their latest toys, the “Ice Jack”.

March 15, 2008   Comments Off on Rod and his first Ice Jack

Straight surfer stud Curtis came over and was not shy

Buzz West has lots of experience with straight virgin guys and so it wasn’t a problem getting in contact with Curtis for a session… Curtis takes off his shorts and sure enough, he had “Your Name” tattooed on his ass. Buzz cracked up laughing. Then he noticed the front! He gasped. “Oh My! That’s quite […]

February 10, 2008   Comments Off on Straight surfer stud Curtis came over and was not shy

Hairy Boy Coby Loves Getting Rimmed

When Buzz West found out that Coby enjoys to have his ass played, he invited his friend Dayton for some action with him. Dayton is a passionately rimmer & dick-sucker and he licked Coby all over his body! Coby was a little ticklish, but he loved every minute of being licked by Dayton! He straddles […]

February 1, 2008   Comments Off on Hairy Boy Coby Loves Getting Rimmed

Straight Boy Vic from San Diego at Buzz West!

Vic is a full time student and he was born and raised in San Diego! Vic says he’s “mostly” into girls, but is willing to do something with guys! You know that always gets the attention of Buzz West! Vic tells him that his girlfriend has no idea about this…! Like most guys that work […]

January 24, 2008   Comments Off on Straight Boy Vic from San Diego at Buzz West!