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Posts from — April 2009

Alec and Maxx with bareback fuck

Alec, the brunette with the thick cock and hard muscles, fucks his blue eyed muscular lover Maxx in good old bareback style. Free bareback photos video preview here!
These two gorgeous, hunky lovers, at home making passionate love after playing around in the pool. Alec, the brunette stud with the thick cock and hard muscles, fucks his blue eyed muscular lover Maxx bareback. Watch Alec thrust his big dick deep into his lover’s eager asshole, and see Maxx rides his partner’s cock like a real pro. The rimming scene alone will drive you wild & hard. Love & sex are wonderful things to behold!

April 28, 2009   Comments Off on Alec and Maxx with bareback fuck

Muscle giant Matthew Rush JO

Musclehunk Matthew Rush busts a nut in front of camera - free photos here!
Legendary muscle god & gay porn star Matthew Rush has joined the Wolffpac for his first of several appearances. Shot in Miami Florida by one of Mark Wolff’s new studio photographers Victor Cody. Matthew is totally massive for this shoot, coming in at over 235lbs of rock solid muscle beef. You’ll see a side of him, you have never seen before! 150 beautiful high-res photos added to the muscle model area of the members area. Don’t miss his exclusive video coming soon.

April 25, 2009   Comments Off on Muscle giant Matthew Rush JO

Rusty cums right in Pats mouth

Rusty sticks his big hard cock up Pat’s ass, and Pat continues to express his pleasure as Rusty keeps thrusting away - on free video & image previews here!
Musclehunk Pat Bateman nearly hyperventilates when Rusty Stevens sticks his nice cureved hard cock up Pat’s asshole. And Pat continues to groan and moan as Rusty keeps thrusting away. You’ve never heard such squealing!
Interestingly, Pat never loses his stiff cock during this fuck session and manages to go for a ride on Rusty’s throbbing tool without too many problems. Finally Pat shoots first, covering Rusty’s thighs in thick jizz. Rusty has the last laugh, as he cums right in Pat’s hungry mouth. People will be talking about this scene for a long time – think of it as the first hard-core porn sit-com.

April 22, 2009   Comments Off on Rusty cums right in Pats mouth

Jessie gulps down his jizz

Hot little twink Jessie Clinton is hung like a horse and he's limber enough to bend right over and take a lick or two and is slurping his own cum finally on free video & photo gallery here
Jessie Clinton’s hand is a quick blur on his monstrous uncut cock as he leans forward and gives one last lick to the head of that giant as the cum starts flying. The first shot glances off his chin and lands with a splat on his chest. The second massive shot of cum squirts directly into his open mouth as he greedily gulps it down… then opens wide for more! Damn, what a scruffy little twink!

April 19, 2009   Comments Off on Jessie gulps down his jizz

Easter eggs painted at Fratpad

The naked twink boys can be seen painting their
Over at the Fratpad they had fun with all the Easter festivities. The guys can be seen painting there “EASTER EGG’S” and having some fun in the house… You can check them out and the others in the picture set here!

April 16, 2009   Comments Off on Easter eggs painted at Fratpad

Explosive climax with Kurt Rogers

Stallion-hung top stud Kurt Rogers and aggressive power-bottom Ross Hurston are the dream package and they deliver first class ass fucking and cum eating! Free photo & video previews!
Kurt Rogers is manning the reception desk at UKNM Towers when courier Ross Hurston arrives bearing a package which needs the boss’s special attention. The boss can’t get back to the office for a while, it’s almost lunchtime and Kurt likes the look of Ross in his bike leathers, so he locks up and whilst they’re waiting for the boss’s return, he gives Ross some very special attention, showing the courier his own spectacular package and delivering it right where it’s needed most. Kurt’s hungry, animalistic passion meets Ross in full, aggressive power-bottom mode and the noise level rises as the pace and intensity quickens, the sparks fly and they’re soon rattling the furniture with their intense pounding. A sweaty, noisy, messy and truly explosive climax is delivered – and devoured. Kurt and Ross are the dream package and here they deliver – first class ass fucking and cum eating.

April 13, 2009   Comments Off on Explosive climax with Kurt Rogers

KOK bareback car wash

The guys start to wash the car and after that it’s a near free for all suck and bareback fuck festival between 5 horny guys. Free bareback photos video preview here!
It’s a beautiful day and Pat Bateman, Shawn Hunter, and Jake Wolfe are throwing a charity car wash for their favorite frat, Kappa Omega Kappa (KOK). Jeremy Bilding and Leo Giamani pull up and are informed that the price is negotiable and by donation only. After taking a quick look at the three hot hunks getting ready to clean the car, Leo gets some dirty thoughts and makes a big donation of $100. The guys start to wash the car and goof around a bit when Jake peers inside the car and notices something else is getting polished (his fat cock). He calls over Shawn and Pat and they swing open the doors to find Jeremy going down on Leo. Jeremy asks if they are enjoying the show and within no time all the guys are getting it on. If those five young studs weren’t enough, they pop open the back hatch to discover Ryan Buckley and Park Wiley curled up giving each other mutual blowjobs. After that it’s a near free for all suck and fuck. Although the car is dirtier afterwards than when they started, it looks like everyone climaxed & got their money’s worth.

April 10, 2009   Comments Off on KOK bareback car wash

Stroke your cock for free

Muscle hunk Zalmoxe with hard erection on free live video chat here.
Live male musclehunk Zalmoxe is online since March 2006!!! His appearance: height 6ft 0in, weight 170 lbs, blue eyes and brown hair and a very hard 8 inch uncut cock. He loves to play scrable naked… and he can make your feel great but let him show you how…

April 4, 2009   Comments Off on Stroke your cock for free

Tai Lee gets his first blowjob

Cock sucking with Malachi Marx & Tai Lee on Randy Blue - Free photos/images & video from RandyBlue available here.
This time Randy Blue figured Malachi Marx could help guide Tai Lee from the perspective of someone who’s also going through the same horizon expanding experiences. And all psychology aside, they look fuckin’ hot together. Watching Malachi going down on Tai is so hot. He drove me hard when he started working Tai’s Asian cock with his sexy mouth through his underwear, making Tai’s noticeable bulge become even more defined through the fabric, until it could be held back no longer and needed to be exposed. And Malachi got so turned on that the sight of Tai shooting his creamy spunk all over his own chiseled abs made him drain his own balls all over himself. ENJOY!

April 1, 2009   Comments Off on Tai Lee gets his first blowjob