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Posts from — December 2008

Park Wiley on top of Jason Denvers fat cock

Jason Denver gets a great blowjob for his extremely fat cock by Park Wiley - Free photos & video preview here!
Jason Denver is tall and lean, Park Wiley is shorter and stockier, but that is where the dissimilarities end. These two hunk are both as horny as hell and love to have sex. The action is virtually non-stop as if they anticipate each other’s every move. After plenty of hot lick and suck foreplay, Jason gives Park a memorable ass hole fucking. Then Park goes for a thrill ride on top of Jason’s extremely thick cock that results in Park shooting a big, creamy load. But sure, that’s not enough for Park as Jason goes back inside him for more pounding. Finally, an exhausted Jason showers Park’s stomach completely with hot cum. Despite the size difference, it looks like these two buddies are a perfect fit.

December 30, 2008   Comments Off on Park Wiley on top of Jason Denvers fat cock

Cocksure Men bareback pumping up

While getting fucked his hungry ass bareback style by Leo Giamani, Ryan Buckley sucks Jeremy Bilding's big cock - Free photos & video previews here!
Ryan Buckley, the new guy, comes to the gym for personal training, but before long, he’s got his trainer Jeremy Bilding right where he wants him, as he sucks on Jeremy’s big hard cock. Standing nearby, Leo Giamani gets turned on by the action, gets hard and starts stroking his own enormous piece of meat. Soon, it’s gorgeous three-way sucking and stroking action, as newbie Ryan uses his pierced tongue and lip to up the pleasure factor. Then Ryan starts getting it deep from both ends, with Leo up his ass and Jeremy in his mouth. The hardcore 3-way bareabck action that follows puts all three guys through quite a workout. Finally, Leo and Jeremy are drenched in sweat, while Ryan is drenched in loads of cum – from all three studs.

December 27, 2008   Comments Off on Cocksure Men bareback pumping up

Francois Sagat cant get enough cock

Francois Sagat bottoms for Rick Gonzales and his rides his big fat cock - Free photos & video previews!
Do you like big, fat cocks? Well Francois Sagat sure does – and the international superstar is sawing wood to build a cabinet. The camera is howing his sweating muscles, pumping themselves full of blood as he works hard on the job. Francois is soon joined by hunk Rick Gonzales and his cock is so large that Francois has trouble taking it. You can see the mixed feelings on Francois’ face as the pain of a full-on powerfuck is mixed with that feeling of I want more!

December 24, 2008   Comments Off on Francois Sagat cant get enough cock

Italian twinks Nicola and Gabriele

Nicola & Gabriele, two 18 years old boys go naked on - Free photos & video preview here!
Gabriele and Nicola are 18 years old and both are hot on this episode of Ettore Tosi’s XXX Casting. They barely caress each other, but who cares? Their eyes tell a different story: watch Nicola gaze at Gabriele’s beautiful manhood, Gabriele tease Nicola. These are the Sicilian boys baron Von Gloeden photographed very well over a century ago: their smiles and their eyes exuding sexuality.

December 21, 2008   Comments Off on Italian twinks Nicola and Gabriele

Bareback stamina with Jonny Magnum and Enrique Currero

Jonny Magnum and Enrique Currero - Free photos & video!
Hot bottom twink Enrique Currero likes to gabble away and top stud Jonny Magnum has the gift of schlong, Kong Dong, as Enrique calls it. When Enrique is not sucking on Jonnys fat cock, he is giving a running commentary of the action. It is needless to say, as time goes on, there is less talk and more action. Finally Jonny moves inside Enrique, who stands up with bravery to the massive butt hole invasion. After a gorgeous ass pounding, they both take a break for some passionate kissing and cuddling. Eventually Enrique cums with fountains of sperm with Jonny still going at it inside him, but Jonny follows with his own cum climax just seconds later. And of course, Enrique has to say something more…

December 18, 2008   Comments Off on Bareback stamina with Jonny Magnum and Enrique Currero

Musclehunk Tristan Bull on free galleries

Musclehunk Tristan Bull strokes his big uncut cock outdoors - free images & videos!
After a fairly long absence, the absolutely gorgeous stud Tristan Bull is back.This 23 year old made his first appearance about a year ago, and since then he’s been one of NextDoorMale’s most requested hunks they’ve ever featured. Luckily, he’s back and ready to have more fun than ever.
Tristan will be showcased in the classic NextDoorMale layout. First, the young stallion slowly undresses while sitting down on their big, comfy easy chair. Once completely naked, Tristan begins playing with his big uncut dick. When he’s ready to unleash his cum, he moves to the sofa, where he finally stands up and shoots a massive load of jism all over our coffee table.

December 15, 2008   Comments Off on Musclehunk Tristan Bull on free galleries

260lb ripped muscle god Ronnie

Live chat bodybuilder RONNIE from America flexing his muscles and playing with his thick 8 inch cock for free on cam show.
American bodybuilder Ronnie’s show kept me hard and precumming the whole time, and you will go insane when you see his big, beefy body as he pleasures himself for you. With a huge weapon like his you expect nothing less than pinpoint perfect accuracy with this cum shot. HOT. HOT. HOT.

December 12, 2008   Comments Off on 260lb ripped muscle god Ronnie

Leonardo and his big cock

Lenoardo goes naked on the casting couch - free images & videos!
Ettore Tosi’s XXX Casting comes with Leonardo, a 22 year old bricklayer with lush, full lips and deep brown eyes. There is something seductively shy about him – though he may come across as cocky. I’ve done it everywhere, he brags. I’ve done it in on the beach, on top of my car hood, on the cliffs… Leonardo claims his best asset is his smarts. My cock too, he quickly adds: It’s big!

December 10, 2008   Comments Off on Leonardo and his big cock

THE TAILOR, behind closed doors – Kurt Rogers

Kurt Rogers goes naked and jerks off his uncut, fat 10 inch cock - THE TAILOR - Behind Closed Doors on free video
Our first visit to the our Tailors shop left us with some lingering memories so we decided to pay Kurt another visit. And as it turns out we werent the only ones with the hot flashbacks. This time, as we spy on the mega-hung hunk undressing in front of the mirror and enjoying his 10 inch fat monster cock, stroking it till it hardens like a rock, and enjoying the memory of his encounter with Jed until he unloads his balls over the shop mirror.

December 8, 2008   Comments Off on THE TAILOR, behind closed doors – Kurt Rogers

More Alpha Male Fuckers

Bodybuilder Gets Fucked - Alex Corsi (AKA Baressi) and Carlo Cox.
If you like seeing a bodybuilder get fucked this scene is for you. It features Alex Corsi this huge massive, solid hairy bodybuilder who gives new meaning to the idea “butch in the streets, fem in the sheets”. I mean he’s all man and all bottom – absolutey hungry to get fucked. The top is Carlo Cox who’s muscular himself, but not quite as big as Alex. Damn it’s hot watching the two of them give each other blowjobs and fuck. It’s real men having real sex…

December 6, 2008   Comments Off on More Alpha Male Fuckers

Will and Xander on RandyBlue

Cock sucking with Will & Xander on Randy Blue - Free photos/images & video from RandyBlue available here.
Xander has become a really talented cocksucker and he brought Will to the edge so many time RB was afraid he was going to explode. It’s a beautiful thing watching Will get his dick sucked. His eyes close and his face is lost in a sense of euphoria. Xander works those talented lips up and down Will’s shaft, stopping occasionally to work on a particular area, like swirling his tongue around the head or running his lips over a sensitive part, or lightly lapping at his balls.

December 3, 2008   Comments Off on Will and Xander on RandyBlue