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Posts from — May 2008

European bathhouse bareback action

Horny Czech bottom boy rides huge dick and shoots loads of cum on free video.
Young beautiful boys, so bored from cold weather in Prague, run away from reality in to a Greek bath house. They have lots of fun in the big pool, jumping and playing together. Then the fun starts! They get so warmed up from playing with each other that they cannot resist having lots of wild and raw sex.

May 31, 2008   Comments Off on European bathhouse bareback action

The Chauffeur Kurt Rogers and his big cock

Tattoed chauffeur Kurt gets sucked is dick by horny white stud.
Nervous about being Best Man at a wedding, Pedro is pacing the floor when his trusty chauffeur Kurt arrives. Kurt’s tactic to calm Pedro is to stick his big & thick, uncut dick down his throat and fuck the breath out of him… Why not?! He is a randy chauffeur, not a psychotherapist! And anyway, it works… Kurt gets Pedro to the wedding: a little late, and a little sore, but relaxed and beaming.

May 30, 2008   Comments Off on The Chauffeur Kurt Rogers and his big cock

Fabinho just turned 18

Young latin boy Fabinho just turned 18.
Fabinho is a student, just turned 18 and LatinJocks at first captured his innocence, naturally defined body, hot butt and delicious curved cock in pics and vids.

May 29, 2008   Comments Off on Fabinho just turned 18

Chad Hunt fucks out the cum

Chad Hunt fucks out the cum of his bottoms steel-hard cock.
Sometimes we save the best for last; sometimes we just save the biggest. Chad Hunt’s huge cock fills up the screen and Tuck Johnson’s willing mouth. His balls also get a good lick-over by Tuck. Since Tuck also has a sizeable piece of his own, Chad can’t help but to chow down for a while. The action goes into overdrive when Chad proclaims to Tuck: I’m going to fuck the cum right out of your cock, boy. And he does, just in time for this Sex Session to end.

May 28, 2008   1 Comment

Dan fucks Marco at the boardroom table

Big, fat, uncut dick of Marco Blaze from Argentina.
new episode from THE BOARDROOM FILES 4: How do you pass the time while waiting for the boardroom meeting to begin? Well, new office worker Marco seems to have a way … only it definitely isn’t work related. As soon as he sees how Dan fills out his suit, Marco plays it dangerous. He just has to unleash his enormous dick, which has been straining to get out from under the boardroom table. But the game is soon up when Dan demands he stands up – and he soon wants a piece of that piece for himself. Dan then teaches Marco a lesson about professional office conduct by bending him over the boardroom table and fucking him senseless, but the immaculately polished shoe is on the other foot when it’s Marco’s turn to take control as he gets to plough Dan’s eager hole.

May 27, 2008   5 Comments

Sam and Jayden cumshots

Sam and Jayden, two hot young studs jerking off in front of camera!
Fratmens long-time favorite Sam is a tall, big-dicked red-head football player from the North Pacific coast who members have been aching to see in some guy-on-guy action since he made his first appearance. Jayden is a relative new-comer who said he’d be open to the idea of a bit of boundary-pushing and they knew they had to get him teamed up with someone. The scene starts out with a deep massage, a great handjob and a hot blowjob from Jayden. Not to be outdone, Sam gets Jayden into the shower and returns all the favor.

May 26, 2008   1 Comment

NuBreed 5 Los Angeles free video preview

See all of Frank Defeo as latest Mark-Wolff-Video exclusive in his first ever muscle worship and jack-off action video.
New muscle worship with full Jack Off’s of the latest Mark Wolff Nubreed exclusive bodybuilders Frank Defeo, Ted Colunga, Peter Sanger and Brody Mitchell.

May 24, 2008   Comments Off on NuBreed 5 Los Angeles free video preview

Straight guy gets sucked his dick by Jason Fury

Jason Fury gets a cum facial and a cum in his mouth from a straight guy

Jason fury was pretty excited when he heard the guys from FeedThatHole were hooking him up with Ace – a straight biker stud who loves getting sucked, but is rarely able to pop his load when he’s blown by a girl. This is just the type of challenge that’s perfect for Jason Fury – showing straight guys how gay dick-suckers are better than chicken who suck dick.

May 22, 2008   Comments Off on Straight guy gets sucked his dick by Jason Fury

Stiff erected twins from Rio

Latin dudes Dio and Gio from Rio having fun and getting hard erections in the pool...
Get double the trouble with Gio and Dio from BanBangBoys. Dio is the more reserved, somewhat shy twin out of this sexy double act. But like his brother Gio, Dio is built exactly the same, with bulging, smooth muscles and a perfect tan. And yes, they both have cocks exactly the same size (nice 7-inchers) and shape. The only way to tell them apart is to check their biceps. Dio does not have a tattoo on his arm, unlike his brother…

May 19, 2008   Comments Off on Stiff erected twins from Rio

Monster cock pile driving

Bottom boy Kurt riding huge rock-hard cock of his fuck buddy.
Cory Flynt gives Kurt Wild a real wild fuck as Kurt takes Corys very thick uncut snake! After Cory and Kurt make out and trade great blowjobs, Cory uses his monstrous big and thick schlong on Kurt, pile driving him into a frenzied fuckfest with Kurt begging for more and more… Kurt and Cory are so lovely passionate together, yet Cory has a hot and very aggressive way of fucking that definitely drives Kurt wild!

May 16, 2008   Comments Off on Monster cock pile driving

Samuel gets spermed his face

Hot boy gets cum showered his face by four horny twinks.
Cute boy Samuel was walking down a street, when he noticed a group of hot young studs talking and standing around in the living room. Being the horny twink that Samuel is, he creeped up to one of the homes windows and caught the boys by watching porn! Of course, only a short time and Samuel was noticed and drug inside by the group of young men. They all were horny enough, so they pulled out their dicks and made Samuel service them until they all shooted their jizz onto his cum-hungry looking face.

May 15, 2008   Comments Off on Samuel gets spermed his face

Asian twinks in gay 3-some

Horny asian bottom boy sucks dick and rides his other buddy's cock.
three young & horny gay Asian hotties decided to heat things up while they are in the pool. They all need a little bit of sexual action and they get more then they were expecting! They start off touching, kissing and feeling on each other. Before they know it they are involved in one hot gay threesome that gets more and more intense. These three young Asian gay lovers work each other over. They kiss, suck, lick and fuck each other and it’s so hot to watch the scene!

May 14, 2008   Comments Off on Asian twinks in gay 3-some

Arthur and the Doc with 9 fat inches of meat

By riding some nice big inches of cock, muscle stud Arthur strokes his fat dick and shoots his loads of cum!
Dr Richard and Arthur are hot and horny for each other. The sessions starts with lots of kissing and sucking each other cocks. Arthur gets fucked by Dr Richards rapidly hardening 9 inch monster cock and finally he rides the doctor’s enormous dick with lots of groaning and moaning…

May 13, 2008   Comments Off on Arthur and the Doc with 9 fat inches of meat

Kevin and his first FleshLight adventure

Kevin is watching his rock-hard dick while using the FleshLight!
Kevin is an 18 year old Navy boy that Buzz West met through another friend of him. He was really nervous to start with, but he really wanted to get off his clothes. Kevin told Buzz that he’s never been stiff in front of another guy, but after he got naked and he lubed up, he was totally rock hard. He grabbed the Ice-Jack from beside the bed, and really wanted to give it a try too. He started slowly fucking the FleshJack, which was very hot, but then he pulled out and said, I’m gonna cum! Kevin shoots a load of jizz right off the side of the bed, and just missed the camera! This is probably one of the hottest cum shots Buzz West has ever captured!

May 8, 2008   Comments Off on Kevin and his first FleshLight adventure

Gay Cumshots at Sundown

Gay outdoor fuck in the wood until daylight begins to fade...Cumshots at Sundown!
Sean Harris gets a great blowjob that showcases his beautiful hairy body and his smile telling you all that Englishmen give great head! But Mike Power wants more and so he turns his Marlboro Man around and eats his beefy butt, diving in to warm up his catch for a hot afternoon fuck. He throws Sean in the wheel barrel and delivers a fucking that reverberates through the trees. For a different position they jump on a tractor and fuck and fuck and fuck until daylight begins to fade and their creamy cumshots splash down.

May 6, 2008   Comments Off on Gay Cumshots at Sundown